Wavelr's CarbonGPT reaches top position in OpenAI GPT store

January 17, 2024

We're, a leader in artificial intelligence, and are proud to announce that their newest product, CarbonGPT, has gone live on the OpenAI GPT store and has quickly been rated #1 by users. In parallel, We offer the Climate Guru, a comprehensive solution for climate issues that was developed specifically for companies and private individuals.

CarbonGPT, impresses with its ability to solve complex climate tasks efficiently and precisely. Its ease of use and customization quickly made it a favorite among users of OpenAI's GPT Store.

The Climate Guru, based on a broader database, goes beyond the limits of traditional AI solutions. He offers tailored answers to climate questions, supports companies and individuals in developing climate-neutral strategies and serves as a strategic advisor in the area of ​​Net Zero goals.

"We are excited by the positive response to CarbonGPT and Climate Guru's potential to drive significant change in environmental strategy,"

CEO of Wavelr